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Beer Releases:


Saturday, January 16th

Duph Gold - Happy New Year, Happy New Beer! A crisp, lightly toasty, golden laager. It is brewed with premium German Pilsner and Munich malts.

5% ABV
15 IUB


Saturday, December 26th

WKB III - Cheers to 3 years!
This strong golden ale is reminiscent of caramelized bananas, spices, creme brulee and pie crust.

8.7% ABV
30 IUB

Saturday, November 21st

Monk's Session Ale - This pale ale is very light with refreshing fruity aromas. This flavorful ale is the perfect complement to your favorite WKB meal.

4.2% ABV
10 IUB

Saturday, November 7th  

Blaspberry Tart - Bursting with real blueberry and raspberry flavors! This bright fruit ale is clean, crisp, and tart.

5.5% ABV
10 IUB

Saturday, October 31st

Obsidian Stout - Dark, roasty, and smooth with light caramel notes and silky mouth feel!

5.1% ABV
30 IUB